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This is the course to introduce you to us. Ideally complete this prior to starting your Bootcamp.

This course is designed to be taken prior to the official start date.

The course is video leads with a little review but it's expected that you would already have some if not all of the sales techniques in your armoury already.

Please ensure you have watched and completed all the course materials prior to start date.

Watch these videos as many times as it takes to absorb them.

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2 Types Of Sales Objections and How To Overcome Them.


Hey, guys, and welcome. So in this session, we're going to cover the 2 types of objections. Now, before I get started, let me just explain. Objections are some of the best things you're going to have happen because what objections do is they tell you exactly where your prospect is at. Yeah? So many sales people, I see they fear objections. They fear people asking the hard questions, but the reality is you're never going to get to that sale, so your whole sales process is useless unless you guide them through their objections. Okay. So this is absolutely one of the most positive things you can do in sales is take people through their objections because at the other end of the objections is, guess what? is a sale. So treat this, rather than being something that you don't really like or you wish they wouldn't come about, this is opportunity. You're getting closer and closer to the money, so do not at any level feel bad about this, because if you start having a negative opinion about this, that's going to come through on the phone and when that comes through on the phone or face-to-face, you're gonna lose a sale. Even though the sale may have been there, you'll lose it because you were negative, frustrated by their questions. Don't ever get frustrated or be negative about objections. They are absolutely positive. Now, let's have a look at the 2 types. So the first one is a stall objection. A stall objection is the things and... Put it this way. If I say to you, "How you going?" You're going to say, "Good." You're not going to think about it. You're not going to go, "Oh, Brett, well, I'm actually...this morning I was a little bit frustrated, but now I'm getting better." No, you're going to say, "Good." It's a throwaway answer. It means nothing. It adds no value to the conversation. Your prospect over time has developed amazing ways of stalling sales people. They're not real objections. Okay. That's these things. So you have stall objections and real objections. These are just preconditioned habits that they have that you need to just bulldoze through. You need to say, "I'll come to that later. We'll come to that in a minute. We'll deal with that later." The reality is that stall objection is not a real objection, so, actually, you don't have to treat it in the same way as a real objection. All right? Now, you might find, oh, but hold on, they've asked me a question, and I can't just...well, you can. If you identify that as a stall objection, then just bulldoze through it. Just say, "Hey, we'll come to that later. In fact, I'm going to address that later. Don't worry about it." Yeah? Boom and you move on. Now, you can do that with these because most people, it's not a real objection, so they're happy to go, "Oh, okay." Real objections, if you do this to a real objection, they're not with you. They have stopped there. They'll clam their feet in, and watch how quickly they get off the phone. Whether they're mentally off the phone or physically off the phone doesn't matter. You will have lost them. So a real objection, you have to stop and address it then and there because they're not coming any further on the journey with you until you address that. Now, the other thing you can do because you may find out they raise an objection you're going to address later on, so in which case ask for permission to delay it. So say, "Hey, Bill, I'm going to come to that. In fact, I'm going to come to that very soon, and I'll address it there. Are you okay if we park that right now and then we'll come back to it later? Now, if I don't come back to it, make sure that you raise this again because I will address it, but let's move on to the next thing. Yeah?" So get permission and then move on, but make sure you address it. Otherwise, there is no sale after that. Objections are such positive things. Unfortunately, as sales people we've reframed them somehow to be such negative things. It's rubbish, it's garbage, and don't fall for it. But learn these, what the difference is, and learn your rebuttals on each of these, especially these. If you find you're getting the same objection over and over again, make sure you've got a pre-formatted script or a way of answering that. We'll cover that in some of the sessions. Okay, guys, have a great day. Live with passion.