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4 Things you Absolutely must Avoid to Make Money from Property 
4-Part Online Mini-Course

Invest in Property with Certainty!

Far too many investors gamble their property investments. This 4 part course will give you what to avoid.


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Free Property Investment Course
Free Property Investment Course
Free Property Investment Course
Free Property Investment Course

The Fastest Way for You to Profit From Property!

Before you waste thousands of dollars of educational webinars and seminars that are designed to upsell you, watch this 4 part training course on how to make money from property while avoiding the hype and BS.  

I have been a property investment insider for over 20 years, authored over 20 books and overseen over a billion dollars in property sales. It means that I have seen most of the tricks which I will share in this 4 part Video mini-course.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

How to spot a Scam, Fraud, or Bad Business

I cover 12 simple lessons from my book, that will help you spot the deals that you should be running the other direction from.

How to deal with Gurus.

Gurus use repetitive hype and BS, outlandish claims, souped up stories, some even downright misrepresentations. These 3 steps will destroy their power. 

What that Free Seminar is really trying to sell you!

Free lunch hey... I think not I'll cover the tricks that almost every seminar presenter uses to motivate you to run to back and buy.

Is there a formula for success... Absolutely and here it is!

Property Investing should be a formula, a mathematical equation. I cover the simple steps to make it so. 

What Others Are Saying:

Free Property Investment Course

Shane, London

"Brett's course was so simple to understand and so profound in his message. He really brings the message home."

Free Property Investment Course

Mandy, Manchester

"The course was great, Brett really gave me the confidence to face any sales tactic so I could focus on the 'real' investment rather than the 'sales hype'."

Free Property Investment Course

Phil, Peterborough

"I have been lucky in my investments so far but Brett really brought home having a process to invest and that's given me much more confidence to continue building my portfolio."

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