Leadership and Management Rants

Becoming a Better Leader in 3 minute Rants. 

Simple Leadership & Management principles that work…

In this rant series, you will get a range of simple to-the-point videos, all between 2 to 10mins aimed at those who want to build their skills as Leaders and Managers. 

Brett wanting to train his team became frustrated by the seemingly endless amount of complexity around courses teaching it he wanted more than a Udemy course but wasn’t prepared to invest in a Dale Carnegie course for all his team (Brett completed his in 1993). Faced with the endless choices but frustrated with the options he begun recording the simple strategies, principles, reminders and content that has allowed him to lead and manage businesses across the globe for over past 30 years. 

So if you want a simple introduction of distilled knowledge from military and civilian life then Brett’s course is for you.

About your Coach – Brett Alegre-Wood

Brett Alegre-Wood Leadership Rants Coach

Brett Alegre-Wood MARLA MNAEA

From the age of 13 Brett excelled as an Air Force Cadet, being promoted to Cadet under Officer by the age of 16.

He then spent time in the Australian Army and Navy before successfully running his own business from the age of 18.

Today his business interest span 4 countries and his passion for leadership and management have not waned.

Leadership Rant Series 1 – Videos 1 To 30

  1. 1Definition of Management
  2. 2Definition of Leadership
  3. 3Task vs Person Orientation
  4. 4Three Level of Work
  5. 5Four things a leader does
  6. 6Three Leadership styles (not the 20+ most people preach)
  7. 7Military grade Business Planning – SMEAC
  8. 8A Leaders Approach to Headwinds and Obstacles
  9. 9Six P’s of Management
  10. 10Delegate the Task Not the Responsibility
  1. 11Punish Systems, Not People
  2. 12Overcome, Adapt and Improvise
  3. 13Make Decisions Quickly but Change them Slowly
  4. 14Why a Clean Desk Policy will stop fire fighting
  5. 15Why a Travelator is such a great management tool
  6. 16Ready, Fire, Aim
  7. 17Specificity is Power
  8. 18How to Lose your Temper without Losing Your Team
  9. 19Why Influence Beats Authority
  10. 20The ‘Excuse Wildfire’ and why to stamp it out
  1. 21You Can’t Manage What You Don’d Measure
  2. 22A Leaders Worse Disease!
  3. 23Be-Do-Have Model For Leaders
  4. 24CYA – Covering Your Ar*e
  5. 25Identify Problems Before They Do!
  6. 26Why It’s Not Enough to Do, You Have To Be Seen To Do
  7. 27Why Great Leaders Have Control of This Voice!
  8. 28Great Leaders Do This Better
  9. 29This Tool STILL Gives You Wings!
  10. 30The Concept of FAST

Leadership Rant Series 2 – Videos 31 To 60

  1. 31The Forgotten Art of Managing UP!
  2. 32The Forgotten Power of Printed Proof Reading
  3. 33Managing Up! Why Specific is Power
  4. 34Not Just One Way To Skin A Cat… Finding Your Style
  5. 35Do You Need To Be A Control Freak to Be A Good Manager
  6. 36Commitment & Responsibility – Doing What You Say You Will Do!
  7. 37Leaders Make Mistakes
  8. 38Why You Can’t Control Mistakes
  9. 39Why You’re Probably Spouting BS as a Leader
  10. 40It’s Your Fault… Extreme Ownership & Responsibility
  1. 41Control What You Can… Get Over What You Can’t
  2. 42Why There Is Always Pain With Change
  3. 43What To Do About The Speed of Change
  4. 44Leaders Need To Be Resilient To Be Effective
  5. 45Are You Bull Sh*ting Your Team
  6. 46How To Tell You’re A Successful Manager
  7. 47Why Depth Not Width To Drive Progression of a task
  8. 48Why You Will Be Their Bitch
  9. 49Why you word being your bond is the only way
  10. 50how the military influences my leadership and management
  1. 51Management is Mentorship
  2. 52Why Your Frustrations with your team are your sh*t
  3. 53the absolute bullsh*t of trust being earnt
  4. 54why leaders own that decision; even when they do this!
  5. 55Are you failing as a leader by missing this one thing
  6. 56Why you need to learn as much from your team as they will from you
  7. 57are you Bullsh*ting yourself over your success as a leader
  8. 58Four essential words for great leaders
  9. 59this one thing will rocket your results as a leader
  10. 60why the loneliest number is ONE!

Leadership Rant Series 3 – Videos 61 To 90

Full release coming soon.

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