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Offboarding Training (Principles)


Offboarding Training by Brett

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I'm recording them.


Let me just briefly summarise what I just said that, so Okay, so offboarding effectively, you've got to capture it as soon as you possibly can. So especially in the case of unhappiness, you're gonna go to someone like Dawn, or you're gonna go someone like dove, or you're gonna go somewhere like dried fish, those guys will actually get on the phone and speak to the landlord and try and resolve the issue quickly. Yeah, if it's an issue, an issue and left ends up being an off boarding, yeah, and we don't want that. So anyway, so what we've got here is where then let me


come here. So if you go down to the offboarding, shared drive, you'll have a whole heap of folders here. And then at the bottom, you have the off boarding master. So if you open that, that has all of these things, and what you'll see is losers off boarding here, okay, this is the example going to use. But if we go back here, if you go down here, you'll see Liz Vulcan investments.


There's a folder. So as soon as we know, we're off boarding someone, we create a folder. Okay. And in that folder, then we can have all the properties. Now, you don't have to have all the properties, but I generally do because that way, you know, you've given them all the stuff they need, there's nothing missing. Yeah. So what we're doing is we're gonna grab all of the information we need from HSTS to, you know, referencing to everything and put it in here. So if we go into one of these properties, you can see this is all the stuff that we're giving them.


Yes, there's a shitload of documents that we're handing over. All right.


And included in that know is there'll be a screenshot here, which is the tenant details. So that's the tenant details.


Yeah. And effectively, there's a whole heap of things from their referencing through the eyes T through the guests safety eicr EIC guarantor agreement, in this case, whatever else is it is all right. And every single property will have this now you can see, Wallace caught only has three things. And that's because there's no tenant in that. Yeah.


66 warehouse clearly has a tenant. Yeah. Bel Canto clearly has a tenant.


All right, Marco Polo has a tenant. Yeah, her life has a tenant.


All right.


So what do we do? All we do is we go along here.


And this is a progression. So what we do is the first thing we do is to write what's the final offboarding? Date? So I'll work up here final offboarding date complete by we have to they have to give all right, three months notice. Yeah. In any case, if they're a goal, they have to give three months plus 12 months from the time of the last tenancy. All right, and I'll explain why we do that. Because basically, we pay a whole heap of fees upfront for them. So if they don't stay with us for a year, we don't make money, we lose money by someone leaving inside that year. Yeah. So we actually lose money if people leave inside a year. Yeah. That's one of the problems with a gold to you. Yeah, is if somebody if we, if we find a tenant, and then don't get management fees for a whole year, where we're at zero, we we basically have a year where that tenant really has to stay in that property. Otherwise, we lose.


Yeah, so that's important. We don't just let them go. You know, in three months, there has to be 12 months, plus three months, so 15 months? Yeah, from the time that they actually had the new tenancy start. All right, then we go call to convince the landlord to stay. Okay. So you'll notice up here on this, this is actually the PMs role. So you can see all here, this is all a pm does this


all the way across there. And then we're going to find is once the payment is done that then it gets handed to admin. So this is admin finance, then it gets handed to finance, Carolyn. Yeah. Then it gets comes back to the pm


to be finished off. Yeah. And the National facts we should just put on there. Yeah.


So the Pm is responsible for this. Yeah.


All right. It doesn't matter who or what, basically, the Pm is responsible for now, responsibility. Let me just talk about that. So that doesn't mean that I can't if I'm a pm, I can't say Hey, can you help me out? Can you get the documents together and put them in the file? Yeah, they can. So they can get anyone to do to help them out if they want to. Yeah, and if you've got time, alright, but for the most part, all we're doing is we're just working if I see it. So in this case,


Let's go down. So let's we're just going to look at this 10. City towers. Alright, ninth of August was when we should have handled it either that because that's three months after, in this case. Yeah. Then we've got calling Mr. Landlord to stay. Yep. Okay, yes, but still leaving


template email to landlords so we can send them an email that basically says,


you know, hey, you leaving you need to provide us all this information who you go into? You need to be ducked up out of that. Yeah. So there's an actual template in here, which you can send. All right. So if I just go Brett, so landlord, and actually, I think


the offboarding I'm not even sure if it's on here. I think it's on Freshdesk. But we'll see. Because I can go down to here. So I'm in the landlord breath. And if I go down to here, send email template.


And if I go learn Morse code


if it's not here, I will add it. Yeah.


I can't remember what it is certainly lead to landlord.


Take care management now that's letting the agent


Okay, I'll add ll add. Let's to landlord. off board.


Notice Yeah,




So I'll add that on here.


Anyway, so that's we send. All right, it'll be in Freshdesk. Now. Yeah. But let's not worry about that right now. So now what I do update all departments, so you want to tell everyone Yeah, hey, this person is off boarding just be aware. Plus, how do you update all departments? Well, you go here


and you go to the landlord. So this case it's Liz


Yeah, so there she is there.


And you write


off boarding? I'm gonna put off border because she is actually off boarded.




And there's also two she's also got what's the company? Was it Vulcan?


Yeah, landlubbers. Volcanoes. Yes.


of boredom. So that's already been done that's good


all right. So now we know that's off boarding all we should also do is we should put on her properties


for the Fall four Wallis.


They off boarded.




So and you would normally put off boarding? Yeah.


Yeah, so I'm not going to do this right now. Because but but basically, you'll go through and do all that. So now everybody knows. Yeah. Now we've got management to notice. Yeah, gold 24 months.


Now it's not 24 months is 12 months.


Standard 12 months from first sense.


Yeah. Okay. I'll look at that. I need to check that.


Let me just put that there.


Yeah. All right. So we checked that's the notice period that we need to put. And then who's the new agent? Yeah, we put it there. And then the ICO so we want to if the landlord wants the information they need to provide as the ICO thing. If they don't, we're basically going to tell them that, you know, that they, they need to get it. Yeah. So the notice date, so this will be the date that it actually takes effect.




That they told us Yeah.


And then you've got the board notified. So you gotta tell Brett, all right. shedule end date of agent. Yes. That's the actual end date when we're gonna finish up. So if you look at this, this is three months after. Now. So this is now yes, these are all dates. Yeah, those ones. These ones are now you want to get a copy of the tenancy agreement. Susie got a call


Pay the tenancy agreement.


I don't think this has been done very well. But anyway,


let me find somebody else's done better.


Thanks, Carrie Wilson. That's one that I've done with it.


So you can see Yes. Original start date. Was that your references? Yes, ID. So what you're doing is you're finding these, and you're putting them into


these folders?


Yeah. So you're putting the physical documents, so they're all in one spot. All right, because what we're going to do is zip them up and send them to the people.




So literally, you're working your way along there. So as you can see up here,


you're getting this from Good lord. Good lord. Good lord. You're getting this from the agent. Could be good Lord as well.


And then you're getting this from Drive. So this is inventory, check and check out you may be able to get this from agent OS. Yeah. gas safety. EPC eicr. Council licencing. If there's Council licencing user manuals, they're normally at the property, we don't handle user licences. Okay.


Then you got the concierge? Yeah. So who is the concierge? Because we might have to tell them that we no longer manage it. Otherwise, we're going to keep getting calls coming in to say we're managing the property. Yeah. So this is where now it's handed over to admin. So what happens? Literally, all you do is your chat to admin and you go, oh, we need to get rid of this one. So then you'll actually just go here, and add a comment. And then you'll say at Ethan,


for whoever whoever's doing it working with you on this. I'm just going to use Ethan as an example.


Please, process, yeah. offboarding.


So now, Ethan is going to get an email.


Yeah, that says, Brett, I asked him for this. And now she's gonna go console years, the Block Manager, you know, work out who that is. Rep, reference us. That's the reference for the Block Manager, you've got change of address notified. So we want to send, we want to send an email to the concierge send an email to the Block Manager,


send an email to just change the address. So it's no longer our address. It's their address, or the new agents address. They'll handle it all. Grammar, the reference. So where do you get these from? You get these from a bill?


Yeah. So we get him from a bill. And this is where if you speak to finance and admin, you'll be able to work out that. Yeah.


And then you've got gas supplier, electric supplier, because otherwise, they're going to send us stuff. So we don't want them sending us stuff anymore. Yeah. Now to be fair, it's not our responsibility.


But the issue is, is it if we start getting bills in and somebody screws up and adds the bill, all right, it's not going to get paid, and then we could get in trouble for it. So we're better to change it. Yeah. So admin changes all these. Yeah, heating supplier, water supplier council tax. We tell them that we no longer manage it. This is the new address and new agent. Yeah, you don't give the landlord's just give the new agent let them sort out the shit. Here, they want to take it on. It's their responsibility. Yeah, so we just literally a standard high, we no longer manage this property. For any details. Contact this this address. Yeah. So now what we do is we go right, we've done that. So Ethan's done heard it. So now what Ethan will do. Ethan is not on here. I should have sent it to bell should know.


Anyway, so Ethan will come in, she'll add a comment.


Yeah, says and in this case.


I'm gonna get a better Bell. Now. In fact, Bell's not there. So let's just say in this case, finance, we might say CJ,


yeah, please process. This all Carolina. Yeah. So I'm not I won't do that now. But basically, we'll do that. And then effectively, they'll go through and now I'll cancel on your renewal of legal means and legal policy. Because we might have to work out what the actual charges are to cancel that policy, because we're paid for that upfront. So we'll need to get that back.




So effectively, that's, you know, we'll we'll do that. And that's what this pro rata is calculate the pro rata finger of the outstanding rental and so the monthly is 20 bucks. 42. Yeah.


Yeah, and then we've got yes shedule the off boarding fee. So every


The property has an onboarding fee of 70 pounds.


And that allows us to basically do all this information, get it all together, talk to the other next agent and get all that sorted. Yeah.


So now if you're wondering where that says if you go to easy You gotta landlords.




sheduled fees and services.


If you go down here finding tenants setting up tenancy, managing the tenancy, I think managing the tenancy here we are off boarding is 70 bucks per property, including VAT?




So most Your answers will be there. Where are we?


So now we need to check for outstanding contractor bills. Yeah. So check for that check for pending contractors. So this is with this, you go in here, you check QuickBooks, you check. You know, if you go under the property 10 here and go maintenance jobs. What you want to do is you want to make sure there's no maintenance jobs open. So you can see here, this has got a recurring charge. No, we shouldn't have that now, because we don't manage it. So we close. So we close that job. And then we close that job. So now we don't have that job on the system anymore.


Oh, and there's a third one.


Yeah, so we close that job.


And now


all the jobs are close. Yeah. And oftentimes, I click my archive and just make sure that they're all closed, everything is closed, because everything's closed. There's nothing further.


If it's not, I need to check and make sure that it's been paid or hasn't been paid yet. So all I'm doing I'm working my way through this list. Yeah, to make sure that's all done. And once that's all done, then I go so this is yet shifts.


Last Caroline. Okay. So when I go here, yeah, I go right. Outstanding contractor, asset pending contractors. No, not applicable. Yeah, view accounts. So this is where what I can do is going to view the accounts. So I'd go to Liz Vulcan and go to Accounts. And I'd say she's zeroed. So she's zeroed with paid her all her money.




So she's got that so off boarded. Do not a anything. Now, the key to this, and I'll show you what we'll do at the end. Right now, this is showing up that very soon, we're gonna get rid of this. So she doesn't show up as if she never existed. Right?


So we go through here, check accounts, check landlord accounts, we have two which is.


So this is the company. This is landlord number two. So say for instance, husband wife. Yeah. And then landlord made. So this is the company Vulcan, this is Liz. Because Liz is by yourself, then this is list and this doesn't exist. So in this case, this is not applicable.




So we don't actually need to worry about this. For those ones. And this one, we can check. Well, we've only checked that one. And we've checked, but we've checked that that's all the same.


Yeah. So we can just go like this.


Alright, and now we can check the main. So what we want to do is want to go back to here, we want to find Liz and just go make sure she's not owed any money.


So she's not out any money either.








so after this, nothing should be paid


to her.


You know, unless we receive money in, you know, that isn't ours, but then that that will be fine. Yeah, so we can we've checked that now. So now we go in not applicable at all, or we can put down whatever. I don't really care. We can put Yes. You know, as long as there's a recognition that's something that we've checked.


Yeah, so not applicable is probably not the thing done.


Now what we've got is we give it back to the PM. So pm has to organise keys. And you see here deposit provider. I've actually, I've cheated a bit because what I did was I went into the deposits and I transferred them across. Yeah, except for this one. So the reality is with this one we can't because there's an adjudication decision waiting


We need to get this first. But all the other ones are done. Yeah.


So really this 10 City towers is pretty much done. Now if we go through the list,


yeah, the only thing we're going to do now.


So if we get oh, sorry, wait. So that this is all deposits. Okay, so deposits and keys, session 1247 48. Basically, if it's not, if it's getting taken over by a landlord, they won't do the 4748, which means legally until that's done, we are in control of the property.


So we should issue a section 48, section 4748. That's something that Carl can do.


Yeah. Because it just basically, section 4748 says, Who the landlord is and their address. Yeah, that's what section 4748 hours. Yeah. So you're just saying, right? We are no longer the agent, we're no longer the address you you've served things to the landlord is, if it's an agent, then we hand the stuff over. We don't worry about the 4748. Yeah. But as you can see, now, Pam sent final email to landlords confirming off boarding and pay your fees. So that's, you know, we send the final thing. Now, as you can see here, I've got property archive, tenant archive, tenancies archive landlord. Now, this one you can't do, yeah.


Archive the tenancies. So actually, this is




close tenancies.




So what I want to do is I want to archive the property.


So I'm going to go in here and in this case, this is city should.


All right.


10 city jails.


So I'm now going to go and I'm going to open the tenancies.


And I'm going to open both of them. So I'm going to go here close tenancy and an end of tenancy.




Right. So I've got the close tenancy here. There's no money. I mean, there's nothing owing. So what I can do is I just go into the tenants. There's only one tenant.


And so you can see here, she doesn't know anything. But her name is still there. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go here, and I'm actually going to archive the tenancy.


Sorry, I'm archive, the tenant. So now she shows she doesn't show that.


Yeah, so she's done. Yeah. They don't know the next tenancy here.


Which is the end of tenancy and I go to the tenant.


In this case, that's archived, okay, already.


Okay, so both those are archived, which is good. So now, I can't archive these tenancies, but what I can do is I can just check that the property's maintenance is done, I generally start off from the bottom and work up. Yeah. And I go right certificates, we've already had an M over T bunches, that will be done by the pm already. So now I should have no maintenance jobs shouldn't have anything. I'm not worried about save progression checklist. I may have to do the progression checklist. All right.


Depending on what it is.


Yeah, so EPC check, we can just go.


Mark has completed we don't care about that.


And demo, on an A wallet demo, they have to get rid of that.


So they're done. Two tenancies are there, that's fine. So what I can do now is I can just come this is the property, I can just archive the property.


Now I just want to show you this. This is what archiving does. If I type 10 city in there,


see how the property shows up property property, tenancy, tenancy that the Alright, if I now go archive,


archive the item which is a property


right, so that's there. If I now do this, it's still gonna show me the property and everything about it. But if I go into my actions, it's archived.


All right. Now the other thing is if I go here now and go 10 city.


Now it's showing there because


oh, sorry, that's 10 City View. tensity. Towers is the one we want to look at.


If we give that five minutes, because this is one of the problem with HLS. You make an action and then


It pools that stays it, and then it doesn't. So if we wait 10 minutes or something, it'll slow. it'll disappear. And it won't be there. Yeah, unfortunately, it's there now. So I'll leave that open. We'll come back in 10 minutes and it should be fixed. Yeah. So any questions on that so far?


So what did I just do? I just did the property. So that's archived?


Yeah. The tenants archived?


Yeah, and then ensure tenancies are closed, closed. Yeah. And now what I have to do once all the properties are done.


Oh, shit, hold on. I'm going along, buddy.


I'm not on


CD towers. Okay, so


did I just fucked that up? Did I just




so I've archived that now close it. I'm not going to do that until the end. So the landlord stays until all the properties are archived. Okay.


So landlords always the last one. So in actual fact, the property should probably go if the tenants then the tenancy is then the property. So I think I'll change that round.


And then we can


fix that later. Anyway, any questions on this so far?


Now, so once we've done all that, then all we do once we're all done, then we can then come back here.


Okay. And then literally, now, here's the problem, I can, I can do that whole thing. Yeah.


And what's gonna happen is, I'm gonna be able to 25 Meg, if I'm over 25 Meg, it just adds another step that I've got to worry about. So what I generally do is I put a maximum two properties into, and then all I do is two properties download.


Two properties, download, two properties download.


And what that means now is I've got two properties, 246 properties, it's going to download here. So it's 23 Meg, look at that. Perfect. Just got in under the 25. And what that means is, now when I go to email it,


let me just


see, if I got an email now.


I can just add it here, and it will just add it. If I if it's over 25, it will then save it to drive, send them a link. And then the problem is they have to then send an email to us, authorise them to receive it. So that's another step. So under 25, is there. Yeah.


Any questions on that?


Nine so far. So finally, once we've done all that, we send it off to the agents don't You don't copy in Liz, or you don't copy in the landlord. Because there's all the stuff they're not allowed to have there. Give it to the agents. And then basically, that's done. Yeah. Now, the deposit says a little bit more detail in but actually, I'll do another training on deposit transfers. Yeah. Because there's a number of ways that we have to do that.


Alright, but once it's done, you can see all these green. So what I do is I basically come here and I go once they're all done, I right mouse click change colour to green. So I know that not only is all the documents there that they've been sent.




And they're pretty much done and actually, very soon what I'm going to do is I'm actually gonna be adding a folder says, off boarding




actual fact I won't even call it that because I'll be pulling it


and that way, it should be at the top.


Now, as soon as we've done that, I can then put this here


and then these people don't harass us anymore. So that's only the current stuff that's been done.




All right


any questions guys


no. Now final step once you've set everything off you've done everything then you can go here and go completed.


Yeah, and you go here


and that was done


yeah and then eventually what we're gonna do is we'll just take those and actually hide the rows so we only have effects actually only sorry don't have to do that because what we can do


is we can just go we don't want we don't want blanks so not with that one. This one


we don't want anything that's completed


so it only has stuff that's not completed yeah




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