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8 considerations when hardcore selling…

Hey guys,

Here’s some things to consider as you put together your sales pitches and scripts.

• Test & Measure
Accept nothing as true until it has been tested. If you are not testing your pitching and measuring your responses you are wasting your time and money. The purpose of selling is to ensure your cost per enquiry is decreasing as you build upon the knowledge you have discovered. The intention is to continue to create ever stronger pitch. Treat every pitch as an ongoing test of what you have learned.

• Personal Responsibility

This was, is and ever shall be the largest factor in your success. The moment you accept responsibility for all that happens you cannot fail. In my experience most pitches fail not due to the creativity or the design or the wording but quite simply because someone didn’t take responsibility for creating a pitch properly.

Whatever the excuse you need to understand that ultimately you are the only one that has any self interest in the final outcome. Take responsibility for every little detail and you will have a successful sales strategy.

• Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is that similar vibratory patterns attract to each other…

If you absolutely expect your sales to work and you have done everything in this web site you will attract success. The slightest mustard seed of doubt may cause your sales to fall short of your expectations. Before you do anything about your sales take some time to examine your thoughts, what are you thinking? Are you thinking harmoniously? Are you creating the expectation of success? If you are not then take the time to change your thinking, or else you may be wasting your time and money. Consult with your hardcore team.

The law of attraction works on every level of sales, you will attract the type of prospects that you expect to attract. This is such an important point.

• Follow up

Your sales can be overwhelmingly successful; tens, hundreds and thousands of responses can come in and unless you follow them up they are worthless, in fact they are worst than this because the first experience by any potential client with your business was negative!

The other aspect of “follow-up” is to ensure that once you have spoken to them you continue to stay in touch over whatever period of time it takes. Research has shown that about every two years we all complete a cycle of life, which basically means that we move through being ‘absolutely contented’ to ‘mildly frustrated’ to ‘something needs to change’ and back to ‘absolutely contented’. This is an oversimplification of the cycle but it tells us that those in the contented mode will not even respond to our pitch, those in the frustrated category will probably look at what we have to offer but they are not quite in enough pain to do anything, then the something needs to change, they will not only look and get involved but will quickly move into the contented phase and produce great results.

Obviously other factors are at play such as individual personalities etc but the bottom line is that if you continuously follow up you will eventually get them in the correct cycle of life.

Your follow up must be educational, contacting for contacting sake will only pressure the person and they will soon lose interest.

• Information PROCESS

Rather than reinvent the wheel for every sale you make, we have tested and measured the sales results. The results of this and many other forms of research across a scope of businesses have allowed us to develop the informational process that is proving so successful now. This process or system is specifically designed to drip feed information through a series of contacts between yourself, the prospect and your support team. At each contact the relationship (or Emotional) is satisfied as well as the Informational (or Logical). It is this drip feed approach that ensures we will continue to produce amazing results in the marketplace into the future.

You need to understand this point, the process is not about giving them a large amount of information in as short as possible time, this only allows them to make a head (logical) decision. The more you hold back waiting for the right moment the more they will walk towards you.

You are a guide, remember this, the information is always there, automated through the telephone, website, brochures etc. You don’t need to explain only give your personal testimonials…

• Research

This works at every level of sales…

You must become an expert in your field. If you want to do telesales you must research into telesales, become the king(or queen) of telesales. Find out as much as you possible can, phone other salespeople, speak with the sales people, even phone other competitors.

Become an expert in your field, read other authors, find out what is out in the marketplace, make a habit of researching.

Become an expert of sales, what are the trends? What technologies are coming?

Most of all, become an expert of your target market.

• Relationship

Remember it is all about relationships… Before you pick up the phone to call someone, remember your sole purpose is to build a relationship, out of this everything else will evolve.

The most fundamental understanding that you need is that the prospect is not just buying a product, they are buying YOU in particular a long-term relationship with YOU, YOU are the most integral part of the product. If the relationship wasn’t so important we would probably sell mortgages on supermarket shelves.

I cannot stress this enough, build the relationship, and like any new friend introduce them to other friends (Management Team) so that they can get a real sense of who you are. Give of yourself and you will get it all back.

• Prestige Product
You sell a prestige product in every aspect. Like being the purchaser of a luxury car, you are paying not only for the product but also the after sales service and the piece of mind that you are driving a reliable, safe automobile which will keep you and your family safe and happy for many years to come.

The other aspect of this is that your marketing materials and presentation must be consistent with the product, giving a prospect a fax of a fax is not consistent with a product such as ours, full colour with photos is more the style.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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