April 7

How to get out of a conversation that is going nowhere…

Hey guys,

The best way to get out of a conversation is to say that you must head to the toilet. If you do this then go to the toilet and then move to the next person. Don’t feel bad about not going back to them, it is a function and people expect this.

Remember your job is to shake hands with as many people as possible and getting their business card, leaving an indelible impression that you are only one to talk finance with.

Depending on the function there are many ways to exit a conversation examples: Get a drink without offering to get one for the other person, say you have been meaning to catch up with someone across the room, ask who they are here with and ask to meet these people, or you could say that you forgot something and need to go out to the car, or perhaps realise you must call someone urgently then simply phone your voicemail or the operator. Obviously the goal is to leave on good terms.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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