June 23

A Note on answering the phone with a smile…

Hey guys,

Our routine for answering the phone is simple. Before you pick up the phone smile, then pick up the phone whilst standing, or at least sitting up erect.

Answer the phone in the same consistent manner every time. Simply say ‘Good Morning and Welcome to ABC, This is Tommy Tucker.’ This method is important as the smile and words provide a pleasant experience on the other end and it gets you in the right frame to speak with the person. Saying ‘This is’ followed by your full name is important as it means the person on the other end is warned you are about to give your name. This increases retention dramatically and helps you to build a relationship with the caller. By giving your full name you position yourself as someone of importance.

DO NOT add ‘speaking’ to the end as this will decrease the callers retention of your name.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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