Hey guys, How you sign your name actually says a lot about you and the message or product/service you are trying to convey. Here’s some tips on how your signature should look when you sign your letters and postcards… Legible – They need to be able to be read… This conveys openness and honesty, you’re not hiding anything. First and Surname – You should write your First and Last name so that you can be identified by the reader. This again conveys accountability, openness. Upward sloping – This conveys a message of success… Strike outs – Don’t cross back over your first name, this conveys a poor self esteem. Crossing back over your last name, denotes you may not like my family. Or the whole name indicates you may not like yourself or your family. Underlines – I have a need to be right and I am more important than you… Small Writing – I don’t like to be seen or heard… Large Writing – I like to be heard… Including a middle initial – I am important… Remember that you are not signing a cheque your are building a relationship… Live with passion, Brett Alegre-Wood

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