July 17

Mobile Phone Industry Sales Phrases for your pitch…

Hey guys,

Here are some Mobile Phone Industry phrases (obviously adapt these as you see fit) that I have used whilst selling mobile phones in the UK.

  • That’s an average bill not really much we can save you so let’s look at getting you better value.
  • Why are you on Pay As You Go.
  • Which network would you like?
  • Your bill is more than double the Monthly Line Rental so obviously you are on the wrong tariff… Let’s get you better value and save you some money.
  • All our calls are at Off Peak Rates.
  • We do all 4 networks which one would you like.
  • It’s in connection with the telecommunications within the company that is his responsibility isn’t it.
  • With XXXX you are contracted to the Network not the Tariff.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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