September 1

Building the ideal relationship…

Hey guys,

You know that you have built the ideal relationship when an existing or potential client thinks of your product or service…they immediately think of you!

Ask yourself honestly how many of your clients would do this, and you may discover that you need to do a little more work on improving some of your relationships.

The essence of Relationship Marketing in helping you build the ideal relationship, it’s foundation is built on integrity, honesty, openness, trust and mutually profitable exchange. Relationship Marketing simply consists of one individual communicating with another individual…regardless of their company or position.

When you build your business using Relationship Marketing, you develop a referral-based business by becoming a trusted advisor, confidant and friend to your client.

This process forms the basis of two very powerful questions to keep in mind anytime you’re working on the development of your business. First ask yourself, “Is this action positioning me as a trusted advisor?” and then, “Am I building a referral-based business by what I am doing?”

If you can’t answer yes to these two questions, you should immediately stop what you are doing and consider another course of action that will help you achieve your desired outcome…building the ideal relationship!

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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