September 2

Building abundant emotional bank accounts…

Hey guys,

Stephen Covey author of the book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, describes it as your emotional bank account. That bank account that determines the strength of your relationships with the people you interact with.

Consider each time you’ve made a valuable, educational contact with any one of your prospects, customers, clients or advocates. You’ve made yet another deposit in their emotional bank account. This emotional bank account that you hold with your clients directly relates to the power that you have to generate increased sales, increased margins and naturally, increased profits.

The Relationship Marketing system you have available will ensure that you make regular, valuable and educational contacts with your market place, and because it is automated it eliminates the chance of a ‘withdrawal’ from your emotional bank account.

It will bring you a great new level of control, making sure that your clients are being contacted regularly and ensuring the information they are being given is providing a consistent message and is the most appropriate, highest valuable information possible. After all when you educate your clients to the value of what you can do for them, positioning yourself not as somebody looking to sell to them but rather as a trusted adviser with their interests at heart, you inadvertently make deposits in their emotional bank account.

Tapping the emotional bank account of your market place is the way to ensure that you will increase your personal bank account.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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