September 20

3 steps to easily attaining a powerful testimonial…

Step 1 – Ask them for Permission…

Simply ask ‘Would you mind giving me a testimonial about how you’ve experienced the service I have provided?’

Step 2 – Identify the three specific things they’ve experienced you’ve done well for them…

‘What specifically are the three things that have impressed you about my service?’ or perhaps ‘What are the three things you’ve enjoyed most about my service?’

Don’t be ashamed to guide them or offer suggestions…

As they give them to you write down the answers, and when they’re finished rephrase the answers and feed them back to them so that they are clear on what they value about you.

Step 3 – Get a commitment on the date…

‘Derek, when do you think you could have that too me? Would this week or next week be better?’ They will mostly choose next week in which case you can respond with ‘That’s fine, I’ll give you a call on next Thursday to arrange picking it up. By the way would you mind putting it on letterhead?’

If there is any hesitation about commitment, offer to draft the testimonial for them. Use the three specific things they told you as the basis for the testimonial and try to use their exact words so each one you write is different. Give them a commitment on when you’ll have it to them. Once you’ve delivered it to them get their commitment on when you can pick it up.

Remember: You can never have too many testimonials… Make a habit of asking for them from every delighted client…

Points to ponder…

Get the testimonial signed on their letterhead with Name, company, position, and phone number – ideally all four things but name is enough.

Ideally the testimonial will be no longer than a few paragraphs.

Multiple Testimonials should be developed for each product, service and unique aspect of your business…

Be sure to follow them up if they have not passed the testimonial on to you. It is more likely they have gotten busy rather than they don’t want to do it. They may also not know what to say. This is a great opportunity for you to write it for them.

The best time to ask is just after the sale, around the same time as you’re asking for referrals from them… You should also ask after any significant contact…

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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