October 16

The art of the ‘Huddle’…

Hey guys,

For many years now my mornings have been filled with my entire team standing in a circle at 845am for their morning ‘Huddle’. By definition a huddle is ‘a gathering of a crowd of animals or people’.

My theory behind holding a huddle very morning before work is this…

In most work environments the team will arrive at 9am and chat for 15 minutes while making the morning coffee and waiting for computers to turn on, it’s valuable time that should be used for work, or in our case – Hardcore sales.

So by holding a Huddle at 845am you allow the entire team to say whatever they need to be said, you offer them the perfect stage to tell stories of what they did the night before or perhaps what they didn’t do. More importantly you create an environment for them to download the personal time in a group forum so as soon as they leave the huddle they understand that it is time to work.

How you run the huddle is up to you but my suggestions are that you have everyone standing, that you prompt people who may not seem to be involved, you ask them what their goals are for the day or perhaps what they learn from the day before.

The focus in on downloading yesterday and preparing for today. It’s the most valuable part of the day.

Now for the most important aspect of the huddle.

We have a PowerHour of calls between 930am and 1130am each day, so guess what we do at 1130am. We huddle, only the salesteam are involved but it’s an important way for everyone to share their successes, their failures, and learn from each other.

I cannot stress enough about the importance of the huddle.

One final word of warning, as a hardcore Sales Director you don’t want to use this forum as your own personal stage, this will just turn it into a senseless meeting, the most important thing is to get the team involved.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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