May 29

How to approach someone you don’t know…

Hey guys,

There really is no simple way to do this, you must overcome your fear and just do it.

The process is simple:

Walk up and stand as part of the group, always choose the person who is speaking to stand beside if possible, this will place you right in the action from the start. It will also announce you as having arrived and wanting to introduce yourself. Remember at this stage everyone probably thinks you know someone in the group, so you don’t look out of place.

Wait for a natural break in the conversation (this will normally happen immediately) then simply step forward and say “Hi I’m Tommy Tucker”. As you shake hands, look that person in the eye.

Work your way around the entire group, handing out a business card to everyone you meet and getting their card. (You may have to shake hands and then pass the cards around if you have many people to meet.) Then simply direct the conversation by asking what everyone does for a living and explaining what you do for a living. Remember it is not how many you know but how many that know you and know what you do… This is an art but none the less very important.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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