May 27

The Art of Handing a Business Card to Someone…

Hey guys,

This is vitally important if you wish to position yourself as unique. Have your business card ready to hand over, as you give it to the person let the card face directly towards them so they can read it but you must look them straight in the eye. They may try and look at the card but they will be drawn to look you in the eye. It is this eye contact that is most important. This can all happen at the same time as shaking hands.

In the Eastern cultures the business card is seen as simply a projection of your soul or self onto the card. It carries a great deal of importance and commands significant respect.

Remember when you give a business card out you are giving that person a projection of yourself. You must be prepared to follow up and commit some time to this person. Do it properly and the results will be worth it.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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