August 19

Targetting your ideal marketplace…

Hey guys,

The value and importance of choosing a target market that is aligned to the Law of Attraction, which put simply can be described as ‘‘Like attracts Like’ or Birds of a Feather Flock together’… This means that you should choose characteristics that are similar to your own and therefore you become aligned to the law and will achieve more success in attracting and approaching the chosen market…

Your target market will be in the area or areas your marketing and advertising will focus on. Is it going to be? single mums, business people, retirees, double income no kids, mum and dads, baby boomers, executives the choice is yours.

This is always your starting point, you must know exactly what you want before life can go about creating the circumstance for you to get it…

You must BE in order to DO in order to HAVE…

This is absolutely true of your target market…

You must become your target market, this is critical, if you are currently a single stay at home parent that has never worked in corporate earning over £100K don’t try to attract one until you have become one. Initially stick with who you are, then work into other markets as you become more able to shift your thinking to that of a wider range of prospects.

The easiest way I have been able to discover my target market in the past is to write a story about exactly who I am seeking, be sure to include the following three aspects.

Demographics – These are things like age, single or married, income, own house or rent, self-employed or employee, children or no children,

Psychographics – This is simply a reflection of “what are they thinking?”, “what are their concerns, interests, and motivators.” They may be paying off the mortgage, children’s education, looking after aging parents, completing education, travel and many other taxing issues.

Geographics – This is the geographic area, some suburbs are more appropriate than others from the financial aspect. You may like to segregate the target market by where they live, work or socialise.

Examples of Characteristics of your Target Client…

Likeability Loyal
Intelligent Leadership
$$ Cooperative
Commonality Ethical
Integrity Respect
Accessible Value me
Need Attitude
Potential (Vision) I Know
Honest Influential
Reliable of Person Professional
Communicator Educated
Caring Pay on time
Decision Maker Trust

Most importantly…

You need to create a picture of the experience you wish to have in dealing with this person… Think of your ideal client and then describe the relationship in detail, this will then form the basis for your target marketplace. Remember that if you choose a marketplace that is not aligned to who you are, you may find it harder to work this marketplace…

Some questions you could consider…

Are they intelligent?,
Do they have the $$ to spend,
Do I have a lot in common with them?,
Do they have Integrity?,
Are they Accessible?,
Do they have a Need?,
Do they have Potential for future growth or a Vision?,
Are they Honest?,
Are they Influential?,
Are they Reliable?,
Are they Professional in their approach?,
Can they Communicate well?,
Are they Educated?,
Are they Caring?,
Do they pay on time?,
Are they the Decision Maker?,
Do I trust them?,
Will I have Fun working with them?
What is the experience of dealing with the client?

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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