February 19

The worst of all myths…

Hey guys,

The myths of scarcity or saturation are the two that seem to plaque many people starting off a new business. In the years I have worked as a marketing consultant I have never (not in one single case) seen a legitimate claim to scarcity or market saturation…

In those instances where the business was actually experiencing a scarcity of customers it could always be traced back to a problem in the marketing methodology. Once this problem was overcome, an abundance of customers began to flow.

In the case of market saturation, the cure is simple… it is solved by expressing your uniqueness in the marketplace. Each customer wants their own special way to do business, the product being purchased may be exactly the same interest rate and features as the one next door but if you provide that unique aspect the person will purchase from you.

In every single instance the temporary challenge of scarcity and saturation was solved with a little creative thinking and a shift in mindset of the person thinking the limited thought.

Life offers each of us an abundance of everything… this statement is without exception. You simply need to accept this at an emotional level and it will manifest in your business at a logical level.

Let’s dispel another myth while we are on the subject…

Competition is a thing of the past, it does not exist anywhere, except in sports and our over-inflated egos. Business has no room for competition in the global economy, marketing practices and distribution methods have evolved to the point where each product in the marketplace can fulfil its own unique niche marketplace.

Other points to consider about Competition, Scarcity and Saturation…

* The Natural Law of Attraction (similar vibratory patterns attract) state that you will attract that which is most like you. This means that if you think the competition is tough, you will create more competition. If you think all deals are difficult to have approved you will attract the deals that are difficult to approve.

* The natural law of abundance states that you will always have more than enough business at your door if you are “in flow”. In the real world, economists would say ‘The ever increasing size of the marketplace (demand) guarantees you a consistent growth of your sales (supply) over the long term.

* Educated Consumers want more and more specific product to solve their more and more specific problems. This is why there are so many varieties on one product. (ie When the first cars were produced you only had one choice of colour, now you have not only many choices of colour outside, but choices in seats, interior steering wheels and whatever else.

* Most of the millionaires that have been created in the past 10 years have done so not through creating new products but by distributing existing products better. Our product is not new, we simply distribute it in a different way than others.

* The law of attraction coupled with the law of growth states that if you focus on competition you get more (growing) competition. The opposite works as well, if you believe in an abundance of leads, this shall be your experience.

* If you focus on uniqueness you will attract those that are attracted to your uniqueness and selling to them will be a delightful experience.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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