February 13

A Top Performance always begins with a Great Script…

Hey guys,

At some time or other, I bet we have all seen a brilliant actor ‘die’ in an inferior production.

Because of this, every great performer will acknowledge that they are only as good as the material they have to deliver. Although a great script does not guarantee a great performance, a bad one ensures that nobody, including the poor audience, has a hope!

Scripting and planning sales contacts is no different.

Consider how crucial that first impression can be, and how often your message will be presented. There are so many opportunities to create a bad impression, so there is no justification for equiping troops with inferior weapons.

Professionally scripted sales tools are not a straight jacket for you or your team, but can provide a framework of concepts which professional sales performers find exhilarating and liberating to adapt to their individual requirements and personalities.

The true value of a script is not in following it word for word, but by providing a point of focus, a plan of action that’s clear, where objections can be dealt with professionally and fast.

By working from a preset agenda, you and your sales team can quickly determine whether the prospect is qualified or not, and quickly move on to discovering the clients’ needs.

This is so important when it comes to Sales Presentation. You will notice that everything we do we have developed scripts which will guide you rather than dictate you. Follow the scripts until you can present it easily without support then introduce your own unique personality. The scripts have been tried and tested and they work. Come back to the scripts if you are having challenges getting the desired responses.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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