February 10

Some of the World’s Most Successful Headlines…

Hey guys,

Have a thorough read through the following headlines. These are responsible for many millions of dollars in sales over the past 50 years. Feel free to utilise either the concepts or copy in each of them, you may adapt it to your needs, or simply combine the various statements.

• The Secret of Making People Like You…
• A little mistake that cost a farmer $3000 a year.
• Advice to wives whose husbands don’t save money – by a wife.
• The child who won the hearts of all
• Are you ever tongue-tied at a party?
• How a new discovery made a plain girl beautiful
• How to win friends and influence people
• The last 2 hours are the longest – and the 2 hours you save
• Who else wants a screen star figure?
• Do you make these mistakes in English?
• Why some foods “explode” in your stomach?
• Hands that look lovelier in 24 hours – or your money back
• You can laugh at money worries – if you follow this simple plan
• Why some people almost always make money in the stock market
• When doctors ”Feel Rotten” this is what they do
• It seems incredible that you can offer these signed original etchings – for only $5 each
• Five familiar skin troubles – which do you want to overcome?
• Which of these $2.50 to $5.00 best sellers do you want – for only $1 each
• Who ever heard of a women losing weight – and enjoying 3 delicious meals at the same time?
• How I improved my memory in one evening
• Do you make these mistakes in business.
• Discover the fortune that lies hidden in your salary
• Doctors prove 2 out of 3 women can have more beautiful skin in 14 days
• How I made a fortune with a “fool idea”
• How often do you hear yourself saying: “No, I haven’t read it: I’ve been meaning to!”
• Thousands have this priceless gift – but never discover it!
• Whose fault when children disobey?
• Five Familiar Skin Troubles – Which do you want to overcome?
• How a “fool stunt” made me a star salesman
• Have you these symptoms of nerve exhaustion?
• Guaranteed to go through ice, mud, or snow – or we pay the tow!
• Are you losing sleep over that “worry” stock
• How a new kind of clay improved my complexion in 30 minutes
• 161 new ways to a man’s heart – in this fascinating book for cooks
• Profits that lie hidden in your farm
• If I’m killed accidentally, who will provide for my family
• Everywhere women are raving about this amazing new shampoo!
• Do you do any of these ten embarrassing things?
• Six types of investors – which group are you in?
• How to take out stains… Use (product name) and follow these easy directions
• Today… Add $10,000 to your estate – for the price of a new hat
• Does your child ever embarrass you?
• Is your home picture-poor?
• How to give your children extra iron – these 3 delicious ways
• To people who want to write – But can’t get started
• This almost magical lamp lights highway turns before you make them.
• The crimes we commit against our stomachs
• The man with the “Grasshopper Mind”
• They laughed when I sat down at the piano – But when I started to play!
• Throw away your oars!
• How to do wonders with a little land!
• Who else wants lighter cake – in half the mixing time?
• Little leaks that keep men poor
• Pierced by 301 nails… Retains full air pressure
• No more back breaking garden chores for me – Yet ours is now the show place of the neighbourhood!
• Often a bridesmaid, never a bride
• How much is “Worker Tension” costing your company?
• To men who want to quit work someday
• How to plan your house to suit yourself.
• Buy no desk – until you’ve seen this sensation of the business show
• Call back these great moments at the opera
• “I lost my bulges… and saved money too”
• Why (brand name) bulbs give more light this year
• Right and wrong farming methods – and little pointers that will increase your profits
• New cake improver gets you compliments galore!
• Imagine me… Holding an audience spellbound for 30 minutes
• This is Marie Antoinette – Riding to her death
• Did you ever see a “Telegram” from your heart?
• Now any auto repair job can be “duck soup” for you
• New Shampoo leaves your hair smoother – easier to manage
• It’s a shame for you not make good money – When these men do it so easily
• You never saw such letters as Harry and I got about our pears
• Thousands now play who never thought they could
• Great new discovery kills kitchen odours quick! Makes indoor air “Country Fresh”
• Make this 1 minute test – of an amazing new kind of shaving cream.
• Announcing… The new edition of the encyclopedia that makes it fun to learn things
• Again she orders… “A Chicken Salad, Please”
• For the woman who is older than she looks
• Where you can go in a good used car
• Check the kind of body you want
• “You kill that store – or I’ll run you out of the state!”
• Here’s a quick way to break up a cold
• There’s another women waiting for every man – and she’s too smart to have “Morning Mouth”
• This pen “Burps” before it drinks – but never afterwards!
• If you were given $200,000 to spend – isn’t this the kind of (Type of Product, but not brand) you would build?
• “Last Friday… was I scared! – My Boss almost fired me!”
• 76 reasons why it would have paid you to answer our ad a few months ago
• Suppose this happened on your wedding day!
• Don’t let Athlete’s foot “Lay you up”
• Are they being promoted right over you head?
• Are we a nation of low-brows?
• A wonderful two year’ trip at full pay – but only men with imagination can take it
• What everybody ought to know… About this stock and bond business
• Money saving bargains from America’s oldest diamond discount house
• Former barber earns $8000 in 4 months as a real estate specialist
• Free Book – Tells you 12 secrets of better lawn care
• Greatest goldmine of easy “Things to make” ever crammed into one big book
• $80,000 in prizes! Help us find the name for these new kitchens
• Now! Own Gold Coast land this easy way… $100 down and $100 a month
• Take any 3 of these kitchen appliances – for only $8.95 (values up to $15.45)
• Save 20c on 2 cans of cranberry sauce – Limited Offer
• One place setting free for every three you buy!

I am actually not sure where I got these from or who compiled them but rest assured I have used many of these in my ads over the years and they work a treat.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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