January 16

The two types of advertising…

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• Institutional

This is advertising done with the purpose of changing, influencing or developing a specific belief pattern to the individual who may be exposed to the advertising. This type of advertising is very expensive upfront as it requires a large investment in order to change beliefs when compared to a consistent investment to maintain and develop that belief. Your commitment must be over a long period of time and results may not be seen for some time.

The most famous Institutional advertiser is a soft drink company that makes a Cola drink called “________”. I am sure that anyone living in a western society will have guessed the answer. This is a direct result of this style of advertising.

• Direct Response

This style of advertising is by far the best if your budget is limited or you need to track your results over the short term. The basic process is that you place an ad and you get a response. The actual ad should also have a call to action asking the reader to respond either then and there or within a specified period. This is a highly effective method as you don’t waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising that isn’t working. You will know in a short period of time that it has not worked and you are able to test a different ad that may work. Before long you will have discovered a number of variations that do work.

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Brett Alegre-Wood


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