October 17

Carrots beat Sticks every time…

Hey guys,

In general, the more pressure you apply to a prospect, the more resistance you will find you must overcome. Waving a big stick may force the sale, but the carrot of a long term relationship founded on trust and respect will ensure you are highly favoured when your client wants to buy.

The old-fashioned high pressure sales tactics just don’t work any more. Value or Relationship sales are the new hardcore sales tactic. Trying to convince a prospect that you are really clever and know what’s best for them only makes them sceptical.

Forcing your prospect into a corner in trying to close a sale will only annoy them and just produce more objections.

Of course, as a salesperson you are there to sell, but your long term success can only be built on the strength of the relationships you form with your clients. A successful hardcore salesperson creates clients from initial customers.

To build a strong relationship with a client is fundamentally no different from developing any other kind of relationship. All positive human interaction must be founded on mutual trust and respect.

The most successful organisations of the 21st century will be those that create the greatest loyalty with their clients by developing long term relationships.

Pressure selling is out. The alternative is to consult, listen, understand and educate.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood


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